A young, ambitious patient-focused biopharmaceutical company, AbbVie’s objective is to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. On a global scale. And it’s AbbVie’s people who make the difference. Who come together every day to discover and create medicines and healthcare approaches to improve people’s lives. At work and at home. It comes as no surprise that AbbVie cares deeply about its employees. Which is reflected in the company’s benefits and rewards approach. A company car is one of those benefits.

“We have outsourced our fleet management operations to Dragintra since 2013,” says Facility Manager Joyce Pieters-Kwiers. “Our people contact Dragintra’s helpdesk for all their car policy related questions. They are also supported with ordering new cars. Driver satisfaction is a key indicator of Dragintra’s service levels. At AbbVie, electrification and alternative mobility are important questions, which are dealt with in the changes and updates of our car policy. Dragintra supports us in our decision-making process as well as the operational implementation.”